Topic of the Month – Dry January

Topic of the Month – Dry January

Dry January challenges you to go alcohol free for 31 days and aims to raise awareness of the effects of alcohol.

Every day, 20 people die as a result of their drinking. But alcohol harm is not inevitable. In England there are an estimated 586,780 dependent drinkers. Only 18% are receiving treatment.

Alcohol is a causal factor in more than 60 medical conditions.

Discussion – In 2018/19 in England, 75,555 people were in treatment at specialist alcohol misuse services, a fall of 18% since 2013/14 –  Why do you think this is?

 You can view a number of resources and facts about Mental health and the links to alcohol usage Fact sheets | Alcohol Change UK

Check how healthy your drinking is with this quick quiz. Check your drinking | Alcohol Change UK

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